Trying to make sense of science, philosophy, and how the world works...

This is a personal site for sharing my thoughts on the goings-on in the life sciences, computing, and relevant news stories or other topics on which I believe I have a decently well-informed opinion. I try to stay away from topics I know little about, unless I am trying to publish something on my daily advancement and learning in a certain area. I also do not mix my professional and personal circles by discussing my work in detail, and in general, I try to maintain a level of privacy when discussing myself or those connected to me.

The personal opinions represented on this site are mine alone.

A note of fair warning: This site is constantly under construction as I try to tinker with layouts, graphics, icons, fonts, et c. I am almost never satisfied with how it looks or feels, so please don't be alarmed if something looks out of place! It is likely temporary!

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